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When was the last time you had a really great promotional idea? What did you do with it? Next time, atomize it – take the core thought and expand it into multiple pieces. Here’s how we used it recently for one of our clients.

Our client made the decision to sponsor the participant golf tournament for a major, international trade show that they participate in each year. Although they had sponsored other minor activities at the show before, this was their first entry into a major sponsorship of this nature. To leverage their investment, we atomized the strategy. Here’s how:

First, we made sure that all pre-event communications, including the event’s web site, included our client’s name and logo in their pre-show, promotional activities. Then, we created a full-page, full-color trade magazine ad to run in the publication’s pre-show issue that gave the company’s current advertising strategy a golf theme. We even included a teaser in the ad about the golf tournament. Next, we started working on some pre-show eblasts that tie into the concept – welcoming golfers; and reinforcing the messages in the print advertising. After that, we looked at golf tournament and trade show giveaways and came up with some really great golf ideas.  From there, we strategized on what the company representatives would wear in the booth at the show (golf attire of course), special signing for the display booth, our publicity for the event, etc.

If you really want to have impact with your ideas, atomize them! Leverage your concept with layers of promotion that communicate your key messages and image and reinforce each part of the plan. That’s the way you really maximize your marketing investment.

How have you seen the power of atomization work for your business or client? Share it with us. We’re always looking for great ideas.

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