At Callis, we help our clients reach their customers and prospects in exciting and innovative ways.  

There are an infinite number of vehicles to reach an audience through media, whether it’s traditional or digital, and the best news is, they all work in some form and fashion!  The challenge is finding the right ones for a particular company and campaign and assembling the proper mix.  That’s part of our value, in sifting through and analyzing the opportunities and selecting and executing the best approach.  Our media planners are skilled at researching and identifying the best ones for each clients’ unique needs, strategically building effective programs, budgeting for results, negotiating for the best rates and implementing plans with precision.  All of our media programs are audited for performance.

  • Media Planning
  • Media Buying
  • Digital
  • Electronic
  • Print
  • Outdoor

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Learning Content Marketing from the Solar Eclipse

| Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, General, Media, Websites | No Comments

This summer, I experienced a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view the solar eclipse. With our office in central Missouri, just outside of Kansas City, we were in line for the path…

What Happens if Facebook Goes Away?

| Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, General, Media, Websites | No Comments

I was at a CMO conference this past week for the outdoor industry and a very provocative question was posed to the group. What if Facebook goes away? Hmmm. Interesting….

Making Sense of Programmatic Digital Media

| Advertising, Branding, Digital Marketing, Media, Programmatic Advertising | No Comments

Programmatic digital media is becoming more and more popular among marketers in the outdoor and agriculture industries because of the success many companies have had implementing programmatic digital advertising programs….

Now is a Great Time to Get Started with Behavioral Targeted Programmatic Digital Media

| Advertising, Digital Marketing, Media, Programmatic Advertising | No Comments

At one point or another over the last year, you’ve probably heard the term “Programmatic Media”. Programmatic media uses sophisticated media software to negotiate and buy ads. Real Time Bidding…

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