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Did you ever need a phone number to a local business, but were on the go and didn’t have a phone book handy? What about trying to place a carry out order for lunch, but didn’t have the restaurant’s number stored in your phone? Here’s a little known secret that will make your life a lot easier…text Google! That’s right, you can text the word “google” or 466453 and within seconds you will receive valuable information to virtually any question. This 6 digit short code is a SMS that Google embraced to expand their text message technology. It is Google’s new version of the “411” service, but free! (Standard text messaging rates do apply.)

By texting Google you can receive addresses and phone numbers for your local businesses or restaurants, local weather, scores of sports games, movie times, stock information, and even definitions!

Here’s how it works. Let’s say you want to find the closest Mr. Goodcents. Text “Mr. Goodcents, your city, state and or zip” and you’ll get a response back. For example: “Mr. Goodcents, Sedalia, MO.” Want to know the score of your favorite football team? It’s easy, text “Score and the name of the team you like.” For instance, if I text “Score Chiefs” I will receive information about the KC last game score and who they are playing next. Want to find out the definition of “advertising?” Simply text, “define advertising” and the response will read “public promotion of a product or service.” Same goes for movie times, weather, and stock information.

This is a free feature that Google offers and I wanted to pass on the word. Google once again is making our lives easier everyday. Happy texting!

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