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2016 SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range: Firearm Safety Remains Paramount

By January 18, 2016 No Comments

On a cool, overcast morning today at the Boulder City Rifle and Pistol Range just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, thousands of people gathered to kick off the 2016 SHOT Show with the 11th annual Industry Day at the Range. Over 170 manufacturers will meet with invited buyers and media representatives to showcase and test their latest and greatest products for the year.

Walking the range before the event got underway, it was refreshing to see the highest level of importance placed on range and firearm safety. I stopped by several booths, each had a range briefing with their staff beforehand to make sure everyone was on the same page and to outline processes and procedures for how people testing their products would move through the booths, how magazines would be loaded and handed off, where people could enter and then exit, etc.

Hundreds of RSO’s in orange vests lined the booths with firing lanes to ensure order and safety throughout the day. With over a half million rounds anticipated to be fired off in about eight hours, firearm and range safety is very important and it was great to see no one take this lightly.

None of this surprised me, however, it is always refreshing to see this level of safety implemented as standard operating procedure across our industry. With the volatile political climate we’re faced with and a continued push for regulations infringing upon our 2nd Amendment Rights, it is imperative that we continue to place the highest level of importance on safety.

Well done.

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