5 Steps to Prepare for 2014

By October 24, 2013 No Comments

I’ve said this before, but change is good. To be a top company in your field, you have got to embrace change. The world of marketing and business is constantly evolving and everyone needs to be onboard for the company to be successful. Fall is a great time to sit down as a team and evaluate the past year. This year’s current successes probably have equaled a lot of work and long hours for many of the employees. With that in mind, it is hard to make time to evaluate and prepare for next year. It is time now, though, to sit down and hash it out. What can you do to make next year even better than this one? Here are a few key starting points:

1. Be more social – evolve your interactive and digital marketing strategies. This is one that may not even need heavy evaluation. Likely, you can always evolve your social media strategy. The one thing that may need evaluating is deciding on what channels to spend your teams’ social marketing efforts and how much effort should be given to each.

2. Review your agency’s plans and goals for the current year. Were they met or did you fall short? How can you improve this for next year. Asking yourself why goals weren’t met specifically and as a team is very important. You may be missing something that could have been an easy fix throughout the year.

3. Evaluate this year’s strategies and decide what worked and what didn’t. Do you know your niche market well and do you know what they want? If you feel like you don’t, then it is time to start researching and doing client or customer surveys.

4. Find out if your current customers/clients are satisfied and what you can do to improve. Are there new services or better services that you could be offering to your current clients or that you could introduce for the new year? There is always room for growth. Decide whether or not a new service would be a valuable investment for the new year.

5. Write new plans and goals. New is the key word. If you want to keep your current goals in tack, at least make sure they provide and encourage room for growth. We should never stop growing, as individuals, as a team, and as a business.

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