A Who’s Who of Callis: Amanda Cairer a.k.a “The Happily Married One”

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For some, it may be hard to imagine that those of us working here at Callis have a life outside of work. After all, we eat and breathe Callis. (As a side note, we also know what to say to keep the boss happy.) But the truth of it is that there are many different personalities and faces that collaborate daily within the walls of our agency. For the next couple of months we are going to provide a brief insight into the minds that work and “live” here.

Amanda Cairer, a.k.a “The Happily Married One”

As an Account Executive, Amanda provides strategic direction, client service and project management for agency accounts. In addition, she also leads the energy marketing team at Callis. Marking her fourth year at the agency, Amanda has also served clients as a Media Buyer and Account Coordinator. Prior to joining Callis, she was a Business Growth Strategist for J&L Marketing and worked in sales and marketing for Cooperative Workshops, Inc.

It’s not to say that everyone in the office that is married isn’t happy; it’s just that Amanda’s take on marriage is somewhat more amusing! She insists for those that are entering the world of marriage that it gets even better with time. Of course, this has led to much teasing throughout the years for Amanda. Every time someone has a story about their spouse not emptying the dishwasher, forgetting to fold the laundry, neglecting to take out the trash, or complaining about the lack of dinner due to the diet their significant other has placed them on, the response given is always those seven words of wisdom in which Amanda swears by still to this day; “It just keeps getting better and better!”

Being a motherly-figure is in her blood. Whether at work or home, she insists on caring for those around her. At luncheons, she scours the menu looking for items that may be suitable for others before she ever looks for herself. Big announcements such as pregnancies make her tear up and scurry throughout the office searching for a Kleenex. As a mother of two young boys, Amanda spends her days strategizing for clients and her evenings building train sets with her children and husband. Rarely does she ever spend any of her free time away from her boys. Family is everything to her; she is even neighbors to her own mom and dad!

Although she doesn’t have a lot of free time in life between caring for a young family, work and attending United Way board meetings, she does find ways to unwind. Massages, pedicures, and chick-flicks with her niece are just a few ways in which she finds that much needed relaxation time.

Stay tuned as next week we will dish on another face of Callis. Hint: This Graphic Designer really knows how to juggle – life that is!

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