A Who’s Who of Callis: Kelli Wofford a.k.a “Social Butterfly”

By June 18, 2010 No Comments

For some, it may be hard to imagine that those of us working here at Callis have a life outside of work. After all, we eat and breathe Callis. (As a side note, we also know what to say to keep the boss happy.) But the truth of it is that there are many different personalities and faces that collaborate daily within the walls of our agency. For the past couple of months and the remaining week, we will continue to provide a brief insight into the minds that work and “live” here.

Kelli Wofford, a.k.a “Social Butterfly”

As a Business Developer, Kelli is responsible for identifying and communicating with potential customers that could benefit from the use of Callis’ interactive and advertising services. She also provides administrative support within the agency.

Kelli enjoys surrounding herself with her closest friends and family, but she also enjoys meeting new people. She can almost always be found at charity auctions, community events, socials, etc. Every month Kelli attends the local Chamber of Commerce AM Exchange where she looks forward to the opportunity to network with members of the community. One of the most recent community events that she added to her agenda was leading the Callis & Associates’ Relay for Life team.

On weekends, Kelli enjoys going to the Lake of the Ozarks and jet skiing, boating, and of course, relaxing while getting a tan! She also loves to entertain. However, she fesses up that she isn’t the world’s best cook. If you ever attend a function that is organized by Kelli, please be sure to bring along plenty of enthusiasm. This bubbly blonde often gets over-excited, but disappointed when others don’t share her excitement.

Reading is one outlet that Kelli uses to unwind after a long day. She is a self-diagnosed Twilight fanatic. She has read all the books and even has a “Team Edward” shirt that she proudly wears to the movie theatre! If you happen to see Kelli out and about, please make sure to say hi – that is if she doesn’t approach you first!

Stay tuned as next week we will dish on another face of Callis. Hint: This Receptionist is our “Gatekeeper”.