ABC’s of Marketing. Today: AIDA.

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Today, I’m starting a new series of weekly blogs to help those in marketing re-engage with some of the marketing principles they may have forgotten, or just don’t think about. My goal is to write about a broad range of subject matter. Some articles, such as today’s, may seem very elementary. Others I hope will be “out there”. All will be fundamental to the development and execution of a solid marketing program. I’m using the ABC’s as a way for me to stay on track and systematically review a wide variety of topics.

So have you heard of AIDA? If you have and you’re using it, then you’re giving your advertising the punch it needs to be effective. If you’re a little blury on AIDA, let me clear it up for you.

A stands for Attention. To get your ad seen, heard and experienced, you have to get the attention of your audience. This can be done a lot of ways. Online, colorful and moving graphics are probably the best way to capture attention. On TV, relevant images and powerful sound works well. On the radio, you need a strong opening line, sound effect or catchy musical clip. In print, strong benefit-driven headlines and compelling graphics grab attention best. If you don’t get the target audience’s attention right away, the rest of your ad is unimportant.

I is for Interest. Once you have caught the attention of your viewer/reader, you now have to generate some interest for what you’re advertising. Why would someone want to read more or listen longer? You do this by speaking to them – telling them what’s in it for them. You make a promise. You offer a key benefit. You make it relevant and interesting and they’ll stay with you. If you don’t, they’re gone to the next ad.

D drives Desire. People are busy and they are inundated with messages all day long. At this point in the process, you have to stimulate desire in your audience by backing up what you’ve already said. Prove it. Reinforce it. Nurture it. You have to tell them things that will motivate them to move to the next step.

Action. Call for it. If you’ve gotten someone to this level, you need to now tell them what to do. Call you. Visit your website. Come into the store. Stop by your favorite dealer. You surely know what you want them to do. Whether your ad is print, electronic or digital, call for action. You’ll see better results.

Are you following the AIDA principles in your advertising? Next time is B. Be sure to check out our blog on blogging.

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