Are You Walking the Marketing Walk?

By January 24, 2011 No Comments

Last weekend I was driving in the car with my mother and we were having the normal mother-daughter conversation about life, men and work. She enjoys listening to me talk about work at a digital marketing agency because she currently teaches marketing at a high school, and has for over 20 years. She loves teaching the subject and thrives on students (and me!) to keep her up to date on the latest technologies in this ever-changing digital world. She mentioned to me during that car ride that she can teach anyone about the fundamentals of marketing, but when it comes to actually implementing the marketing strategy, she was clueless. That is what got me thinking.

Are there companies out there who know the fundamentals of marketing but struggle with how to implement a plan? Are we teaching the younger generation the basics but then leaving the real learning to onsite job experiences? Here is my take on both of those questions. Yes, I believe there are lots of companies out there who have an idea of what they want to achieve but are unsure how to get there. They might want to hit the digital side hard and use social media and/or online advertising because they know that’s where their audience is. But, they may not know exactly what to do or what tools to use once they get there. That’s why digital marketing agencies, like Callis & Associates, exist. We are here to actually help them make their ideas a reality.

I believe you can preach about the fundamentals of marketing, like my mom does every day to her students, but until you can really “walk the marketing walk,” you can’t really call yourself an expert. It is great that we are teaching our younger generation the basics because it is important that they know the core of the industry. But in reality, today’s technology is growing so rapidly that the ways we reach an audience has advanced and will continue to change. I think more importantly, we should be teaching our students how to think outside the box, be strategic and be able to merge digital with traditional marketing.

Take a look at your company’s marketing plan. Is your company “walking the marketing walk?”

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