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Bootcamp for the Mind

By August 31, 2012 No Comments

I recently spent a few days at the Agency Management Roundtable AE Bootcamp learning from fellow Account Managers and Account Executives that market to several different industries.  As I process everything that I have learned over the past few days, I ask myself several questions.  What can I take back to my agency?  What can I do to improve the experience and business of our clients?  How can I challenge myself?  Here a just a few great tips I learned.

  • Keep your Saw Sharp: I learned about some great ways to keep my saw sharp. How do you keep up with what is going on in your constantly changing industry? Have you tried Stumble Upon? There is an iPhone app, of course, that I was able to download in seconds. This app allows you to find information that pertains to your industry in one place. You simply select categories that interest you and you are given tons of information in seconds. This is a quick and easy way to browse for information without going to several different websites. Another great tip is to utilize RSS feeds. Google Reader is an easy way to organize and receive all the information that interests you, all in one place. You can subscribe to any feed you like and Google organizes it by category. All you need is a Gmail account.
  • Lunch and Learn: The whole idea of a lunch and learn is to get together once a month or once a quarter as an agency and share our expertise with each other. There is so much talent and knowledge at Callis & Associates, why wouldn’t we share it with one another? You can apply this to your business as well. Think about when a seasoned employee leaves your company. There is so much knowledge and experience that leaves with that employee that could be avoided by cross-training and encouraging your staff to teach each other.
  • Google +: Do you currently have a Google + account set up for your business? If you want to increase your SEO, you should. By simply posting your content on Google +, you become a favorite for Google and will see your information go from page 4 to the top of page 1 in a matter of days. Why? Because Google decides who is number 1. Wouldn’t you pick yourself?
  • DISC Testing: We all have certain personalities and some people that are harder to communicate with than others, but have you ever thought about why? It is vital in any business relationship to understand how your client or vendor communicates and how they respond to your communication style. DISC testing is an easy way to help you understand yourself so you can better communicate with your peers and other business professionals. Keep in mind, not everyone communicates the same way as you.

In this digital age, things are consistently changing and it is imperative to keep up to date on trends within your industry in order to stay relevant.  Do your homework and you will be able to offer the best to your customers and peers.  What have you learned recently that can help others?