Build Your Network – Build Your Business

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Do you ever look at your circle of influence as it pertains to your business? “Networking” is the buzz word these days. How do you maintain these connections and equally important, how do you grow this circle to help you build your business? One of the best ways I have found is to be out in the industry.  Participate in activities and events that draw people you want to know, or get to know better. And the best part – these events can be just for fun. A good example is a shooting industry event coming up called the Shooting Industry Masters. Sponsored by the trade publication, Shooting Industry, this “friendly” two-day shooting match brings in shooting industry leaders from all over the country and offers them a chance to meet or reconnect with others in the industry, form business alliances and build team bonds. Our Callis team is made up of clients representing Sierra Bullets, Starline Brass and Buffer Technologies. All three of my teammates will outshoot me in every event, but building our relationships out of the office will pay great dividends when we team up on projects to build their businesses. I look forward to joining in the fun and renewing relationships.

Will I see you there?

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