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Callis President Joins Experts in Publishing Book

By February 12, 2015 No Comments

SEDALIA, MO – Cliff Callis, president of Callis Integrated Marketing, is one of 30 marketing and public relations agency experts who contributed to the recently-released book, “Secrets of Ad Agency Owners: The Biggest Marketing Mistake I’ve Ever Seen.” This multi-topic book teaches readers how to tell their brand story, handle clients, position their product and brand, and stand out in front of their competition.

When you need an answer you can count on, you go to an expert, or in this case, 30 experts. These agency owners from all over North America have guided their clients through just about everything. They’ve walked their clients through start-ups and product launches, recessions, acquisitions, pricing wars, internal cultural shifts and the digital revolution. As one of the authors put it, agencies exist to walk beside their clients and help them avoid the pitfalls that will cost them dearly. And now, readers get to walk alongside these agency owners and soak up the lessons they’ve learned along the way. Within the pages of this book, readers will learn from their decades of experience as they answer the question “what’s the biggest marketing mistake you’ve ever seen?”

In Cliff’s chapter, Be Committed to Maketing, he describes why it’s necessary to step up your marketing program when times get tough rather than cutting it back. “Secrets of Ad Agency Owners” is now available on

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