Cardinals Show Why You Never Give Up

By October 7, 2011 No Comments

October is here which means the Major League playoffs. I don’t know anybody that would have guessed that the St. Louis Cardinals would still be playing, except maybe the Cardinals themselves. Back in late October they were 10.5 games behind Atlanta in the wild card race and things looked bleak. But they never gave up. Just when you thought they were going to lose a game, they found a way to win. And when it looked like they might miss out by one game, they didn’t let the naysayers affect them.

The Cardinals attitude can be applied to business. For many companies, the last three years have been tough. The economic prognosticators were also painting a bleak picture. Many employees wondered if they would have jobs when business went away, which kills morale. Vendors wondered if they would get paid. Business owners looked inside and wondered if it was worth it. Some companies didn’t make it. Others took big hits. But many didn’t give up and found a way to hang in there, retool and learn how to make the new norm work for them. They might have struck out every now and then but they kept swinging. Every now and then they might have even hit a home run.

In business, it’s not always easy. In fact, in recent times it’s been hard. Attitude isn’t everything. You still have to have the right product at the right price and be promoted in the right way. But that fighter attitude that the Cardinals are showing right now can be the difference for some between survival and winning. I love the Cardinals. I always have. And whether they win it all or not, I’ve been impressed with the way they’ve hung in there against amazing odds. I have friends in the same position and am equally impressed with their ability to make whatever they’ve got work for them.

How about you? Keep swinging and you can be the winner.

Go Redbirds.