Content Marketing Program


When Google search advertising first became available, the team at Callis initiated an incredibly effective search marketing program to drive consumer sales. After Google and Facebook placed restrictions on advertising ammunition components, Starline challenged Callis to reach new potential customers through other means to continue to build their consumer market and drive high-quality traffic to their website.


Callis developed and implemented a strategic content marketing program to deliver highly-targeted organic search traffic, build Starline’s reputation as an authority within the industry, and increase awareness of the Starline brand and products among reloaders.

Callis created and distributed multiple series of written articles and creative videos targeting interest categories and keywords, and leveraging for SEO. Content was strategically leveraged through email, social media, public relations and trade shows to maximize the impact. This strategy increased Starline’s footprint across multiple channels, expanded their search engine visibility, and built on their reputation as an industry expert.

Digital content for the content marketing program


Today, articles and videos created years ago are still driving quality traffic to Starline’s website and bringing in new customers. Starline was recently voted the #1 Reloading Brass Brand in America through a survey conducted by national research company, Southwick Associates.

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Starline Brass

Starline Brass is a leading manufacturer of brass cases used to reload ammunition. Sales are generated as an OEM, through an international network of distributors and dealers, and direct to consumer.