Propane connect


Propane has been a vital source of energy in America for many years. Propane is a clean and versatile source of energy that can power homes, vehicles, buses and lawn mowers, along with a variety of other applications. Propane delivers performance and efficiency and the demand for the clean energy source is growing, leading to more career opportunities becoming available. As a result, the need for a strong workforce development program and resources was also created.


The Propane Connect initiative was created to help generate a strong workforce within the Mid-States region (Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Illinois). Through the development of a new, industry-specific, job board website at, propane companies serving the Mid-States region can upload their employer information and browse through and view qualified candidates to find employees that will be a good fit within their organizations.

Career applicants can become part of a team in the propane industry and grow professionally while receiving benefits including competitive wages, medical insurance and more. Candidates can upload their resume to the site and see available jobs within their respective part of the region. The website’s interactive features allow employers and employees to connect to find the best fit for their employment needs.

The Propane Connect website and initiative was supported through a strategic integrated marketing campaign including email, print and digital advertising and public relations.

Mid States Propane Connect campaign elements


The Propane Connect website and resources will continue to be utilized by individuals and employers in the propane industry throughout the Mid-States region. Online materials serve as a resource for potential employees, explaining the unique benefits of specific careers within the propane industry. The online job board connects employers and employees more efficiently and directly, meaning employers find their next, best employee and employees can begin the career that’s the best fit for them sooner.

The Propane Connect initiative provides a foundation to position the propane industry for growth and advancement within the Mid-States region of the Midwest.

Missouri Propane Education & Research Council

The Missouri Propane Education & Research Council (MOPERC) is a not-for-profit organization that serves the propane industry through training, consumer safety, appliance rebates and market development programs.