Collaborate. Upgrade. Streamline.

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For the year 2012, I chose Collaborate, Upgrade and Streamline as my focus words to guide my professional and my personal life. The first two have to do with my natural tendencies while the last one is more about implementing what I have learned from the first two activities.

For as long as I can remember, I can spend hours and hours engaging in solitary activities like reading, writing, drawing and daydreaming. In fact, while writing this blog, I am sitting here thinking about my favorite spot for “hiding out” in my backyard when I was ten years old. It was there where I read so many books and even wrote alternative versions of my favorite stories. Cut to 2012, and I see that my hideout has been upgraded to my office at Callis & Associates. For this reason, I chose Collaborate. Collaboration offers several opportunities to learn from others. It also gives me a chance to let others learn from me.

All that reading has naturally led to a love for learning. If it’s challenging, fun, or interesting, it’s probably on my list of things to master, or at least attempt to do so. The following is a sample of what I have pursued in more recent years: web design, C++, teaching and laying out my own patio. In other words, I want to perform activities described by my second word, Upgrade. Upgrading is about seeking out new techniques, skills and knowledge and perhaps zeroing in on those that can benefit our clients and my family. I am sure that my wife wouldn’t mind if the next skill I wanted to learn has something to do with home improvement.

My third word is Streamline. My goal from collaboration and upgrading is to be able to streamline my activities. The main activities involved with streamlining are simplifying or eliminating unnecessary steps and applying more modern or efficient approaches. A sure way to be able to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness is to take the time to learn from others and from my own experiences.

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