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Content Marketing: Content is King

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Content marketing is a powerful marketing tool. Well-designed content marketing material, as versatile as it is valuable, provides a key component of a company’s search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and email strategies. To examine this further, we’ve developed the Content is King infographic below. Infographics themselves are one example of content marketing. They quickly tell a story in an interesting, visual manner. In this case, it’s the story of the attitudes of consumers and marketers toward content marketing campaigns.  We think you’ll find it thought provoking (and hopefully worth sharing).

While you’re here, read on.  We answer a few questions that you may have after seeing our infographic!

Content Marketing content is kingWhat is content marketing?

The basic principle of content marketing is that you must provide useful information. Jay Baer, author of “Youtility”, says content marketing should be so valuable that someone would have been willing to pay for it.  No value?  You’ve missed the target.

What are the benefits of content marketing?

Content marketing is a great way to build awareness, credibility, and drive prospects to your website.  What company can’t benefit from that?  While there are many approaches to driving people to a website, content marketing stands apart because it is based on providing value – value that is then associated with your brand, product and/or service.   When you provide free information (so valuable that it could have been sold) before a purchase has even been made, you build immediate trust and credibility.  After receiving value up front, prospects begin to imagine how much value they’ll receive after they become your customer.  That trust provides an opportunity to extend the conversation.

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Great, relevant content also extends the influence (reach) of a company website.  It provides an avenue to build on SEO strength with subject matter that might not otherwise fall naturally into the website.  Similarly, valuable articles draw a company’s social media fans back to its website, and provide great social sharing opportunities.  Finally, strong content can also be repurposed for an email newsletter, providing yet another avenue to share the content and provide value to your audience.

Where do I find material for my company’s content marketing efforts?

Content marketing isn’t simple:  choosing the right content and presenting it correctly can be a challenge. A content marketer’s mindset must shift from “what do we want to say” to “what will our clients or prospects find interesting and/or helpful?” This might lead to content that isn’t directly about your product or services.  A shotgun manufacturer might create a piece of content about pheasant seasons in the various states, for example.  It takes some time; we work closely with clients to identify both content that exists today and opportunities to develop new, relevant content.

How do we gain visibility for our content?

Will the great content that you’ve built be seen? It’s going to take some strategy. Of course, great content is shareable, which makes social media a perfect vehicle for your content.   But what other outlets do you have for your content?  Hopefully, you have established relationships with bloggers and writers within your industry.  A general press release may also be appropriate, as could paid ads.  Develop a strategy based on your industry, resources, and situation.

How do we convert new site visitors into customers?

So now your content marketing is driving site traffic. Do you have a plan to convert those visitors into customers?  A single piece of content probably won’t be enough to convert a new prospect into a customer. But it provides an introduction and an opportunity to extend the conversation with your prospect.  Strategic conversion points on your landing page can offer more valuable information to your site visitor in exchange for a bit of information about them (name, email).  You’ll need to be ready with additional content – perhaps other related content, a white paper, a newsletter subscription, a free webinar, or an initial consultation.  Whatever the offer, the key is to continue to provide value as you keep the conversation moving forward, and move prospects along through the sales funnel.

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