Do you Dare to Dream?

By July 17, 2014 One Comment

I noticed this famous quote from Walt Disney in my planner this week and it really hit home.  He said “If you can dream it, you can do it”.   How powerful is that?

Certainly we all know the Walt Disney story.  What an imagination!  And obviously, what a dreamer. Who would have ever thought that a cartoon mouse could own the world?

Over the years, I’ve been called a dreamer several times.  Most times, I’ve taken it as a compliment. When I started our agency 27 years ago, I don’t think a lot of people thought that an advertising agency could make it in small city USA.  I never thought I couldn’t.


The early days were hardest.  We were operating on a shoestring and it was pretty short.  But I had a dream and a reward when I got there.  I cut a picture of the reward out of a car magazine and put it up in my office.  I looked at it every day, and I bought it 15 years later.  My mom called it my “dream machine”.  I’ve still got it.

I think if you run a business today, you have to take time to dream.  It can be anywhere.  It really doesn’t matter where or when, just if.

So what kinds of things should you dream about?  How about, where will my business be in 5 years and what will it look like?  If I could change anything about my business, what would it be?  If I could have a new customer, who would I want it to be?  If I could start a new business, what would I do?  What do I want my personal life to look like in the future?

I’ve heard over the years to dream big.  I guess if I had done that sooner, maybe I would be retired from the majors by now.   But as it is, I’m pretty happy where I am.  I still have dreams.  And they’re bigger than ever.  Remember, “if you can dream it, you can do it”.  Let’s see what happens.

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