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Yesterday, our strategic planning team led one of our new clients through a Discovery Session.  Earlier, when we had presented to their agency selection committee, I made note that they had been particularly interested in hearing about this approach to communications and marketing planning.

At our interview, we shared with them how we take a client through the process, first developing customized questions focused solely on their unique goals and marketing problems; and providing these questions in advance of the session so they have time to think about them and consider their answers. Then, we talked about how we facilitate the session between their team and ours, opening their minds to other perspectives and helping them look at their situation through other’s eyes.  They were intrigued in our point that most clients come away from the session enlightened and energized.   We then discussed how we take our notes from Discovery, reformat them into organized thoughts and ideas and bring them back to the group as a verbal and written report – our deliverable from the session – and how we also include strategic recommendations in our report.  They liked the concept!

Yesterday, as we debriefed with the team over lunch, we all felt like it had been a very productive session.  One of the participants even mentioned that she had two strong takeaways from the session that would really help her.  All were interested to hear the report, which we had scheduled to deliver a few days later.  On our drive home from their office, the Callis team discussed how we all had a much better handle on their situation, how some clear-cut strategies had emerged and how we had laid the foundation for our research and planning.

How are you solving your marketing and public relations problems?  Are you capitalizing on the opportunities in front of you?  Consider using the Discovery process as a starting point.  You might just be amazed.

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