Disney is Brilliant

By December 30, 2014 No Comments

Everyone knows what a huge success Disney is.  I’ve written about them before and certainly they hold the standard for what customer service is all about.  But sitting through their Christmas special yesterday morning made me realize even more how brilliant they are.

Consider this.  They had two hours of a non-stop Disney commercial, all wrapped up inside an entertaining, heartwarming TV special that appeals to the entire family.  They begin by giving you a sneak peak at what you’re going to see over the next 120 minutes.  They dazzle you with top-notch musical productions, cameos by some popular stars, and they weave the parade right through your living room.

But a funny thing happens as you’re sitting there with a cup of coffee enjoying the festivities, and in our case, opening gifts.  They gracefully slide in commercials about Disney Land, Disney World, their island resort in Hawaii, Disney Adventures and a Disney Cruise.  And they do it in such a way that it is all so entertaining.

DisneyRecently, I’ve been writing about how to differentiate your company and services from your competition.  It’s hard to do but critical to your businesses’ long term success.  In their commercial for their  Cruises, Disney hit it home with the line, “when it comes to pleasing everyone, the difference is Disney.”  Wow, how simple is that?

Certainly cruise lines have been hammered over the last couple of years with stories of mass illness on boards and boats being stranded out in the water.  So Disney knows how important it is to differentiate themselves from the others.  So what did they do?  They leverage their world class reputation for customer service to do it.  Well done Disney.

How are you coming with the articulation of your differentiating advantage?  Stay with it and you can dazzle too!