Expose Yourself

By September 24, 2009 No Comments

I’ve often been asked how does one nurture their creativity. While there are many methods, one of my favorites is to expose myself to the arts.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea. I’ve never been escorted out of the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art wearing matching silver bracelets. I simply mean that I enjoy experiencing others’ artistic expressions, whether it’s in music, theater or the visual arts.

This weekend I’ll be attending the Plaza Art Fair in Kansas City (weather permitting!). Located on the Country Club Plaza, the 15 blocks will host 240 visual artists as well as three stages featuring live music and entertainment, a kids art workshop and, of course, lots of great food.

As I stroll through the artists’ tents I’m sure I’ll see works that awe and inspire me. And, even the pieces that leave me puzzled may ignite a creative spark. Though I may not appreciate the work as a whole, it may employ a fun texture or a unique use of color.

I’m sure to leave the event with a mind full of sights and sounds for my subconscious to draw upon the next time I’m ready to create.

Fall is full of opportunities to attend a variety of festivals and events. So, I encourage you to go expose yourself!