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Facebook Likes: There’s More to Life Than “Likes”

By March 8, 2016 No Comments

A new feature has rolled out on Facebook that should be of particular interest to those involved in shooting sports marketing (as well as all who use Facebook, whether you are involved in midwest lifestyle marketing or outdoor industry marketing):

In late January, 2016, in a conference call following Facebook’s earnings report, Mark Zuckerberg announced that five new emoji options (currently in test in several countries) will be pushed out to all users “pretty soon,” so they can interact with posts. These new options rolled out February 24th.

This is Facebook’s attempt to fix a problem that most users frequently experience: they want to respond to a post without typing out a response, and yet “like” is either an inappropriate or insufficient response. The new alternatives to “like” include:

  • love
  • wow
  • sad
  • angry
  • haha

The current “like” option still remains as well.

For brands, these new emotions will present more opportunities for user interaction. The more frequently users interact with your Facebook content, the more likely they are to see future content. So the new “like” alternatives will be particularly valuable to our client partners in the shooting sports industry, who generally can’t purchase Facebook ads due to content restrictions.

Include the new emotions in planning and strategy discussions as you build out your 2016 Facebook plan. The results could leave you saying, “wow”!

Have you started utilizing the new features yet?

Updated March 2016 to reflect that this function was implemented on Facebook.