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Facebook Rolls Out New Profile Pages

By December 9, 2010 No Comments

Love it or hate it, the new Facebook profile pages are here! Change is nothing new to the social networking site as they continue to compete with other top performing social platforms. The new layout was unveiled Sunday and many users took the leap, while others are hesitant to go ahead and launch their new page. Here is a quick summary of what you need to know.

  1. You don’t have to update to the new page layout right now. However, all 500+ million Facebook users’ pages will eventually change. So, it’s up to you to go ahead and prompt the new change, or wait until Facebook decides it’s your time to switch over to the new layout. Ready for change? Log in to Facebook and click the green box titled “Get the New Profile.” Once you accept the change, you will automatically see the layout change on not only your profile page, but your friends’ pages as well, depending on whether or not they have taken the initiative to switch designs.
  2. The new design is meant to put emphasis on personal details by moving information such as birthdays, relationship status, city of residence, work, education, etc. to a higher placement on your page. The strategy behind this move is to place the information in a more conversational format that will allow new friends, or friends that are looking to catch up, all the details up front. Another goal is that the new layout will offer a more visually compelling design.
  3. Facebook has taken a lot of heat over their privacy settings, so this time they have been sure to let users know that the new roll over of profile pages doesn’t affect pre-existing privacy settings.
  4. Personalize your relationships with friends. Categorize your friends as family, friends, best friends, co-workers, etc. The “View Friendship” option allows you to view history with friends and events that you have both attended.
  5. Facebook is going visual with what is perhaps the most noticeable change is the 5 photo thumbnails that extend across the upper part of your page, in addition to your profile picture. Only photos that you’ve allowed people to view will be seen. So, if you allow people to see photos in which you are tagged, those photos will display. If your privacy settings don’t allow others to see your recently tagged photos, then Facebook will pull photos from your personal albums that you have chosen to be public. Don’t like the thumbnail photos you see? Simply change them by placing your cursor on the photo, clicking the x and accepting to hide that photo. This will not delete your photos or tags; it will just hide them from being seen as your top 5 profile photos. Keep following this pattern until you find a desirable photo.
  6. Share more via Facebook. The two additional areas of interest that have been added are philosophy and sports. It is within these two new areas that you can include political views, inspirational figures, religion, favorite sports and athletes. The new profile also allows users to add information regarding classes they have taken, projects that they have worked on and other work experience they may have. This new option may allow users to create more of an online resume than other social networking sites offer.
  7. How may advertisers benefit from the new layout? It appears that the new design places advertisements closer to user-generated content, so that should be a positive.

Regardless if you’re ready or not, Facebook says that the new layout will be effective for all users by early 2011. For more information regarding the numerous profile page changes, visit Facebook’s Help Center.