Focus on Your Differentiating Advantage

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I saw a very effective TV commercial last night as my 4 year old was watching one of her shows.  It’s the first time I’ve seen it and although the brand didn’t stick with me, the differentiating feature/advantage (value proposition) of their product did.

If you have a small child or grandchild, you know how hard it is to secure a car seat in your car, and have the peace of mind that you know you did it right.  It’s hard; so hard that the Fire Department in our town (and maybe yours) will put them in for you anytime.  But since we’ve had our car seats in and out of our vehicles many times, we’ve gotten a lot of practice so we do it ourselves. But it’s still hard and there is always that question in the back of your mind; is it totally secure?

The car seat I saw last night in the commercial has a click-lock device built into it that lets you know when you have installed the car seat correctly.  It takes the guesswork away. The commercial demonstrates how to put the car seat in and then shows you the click-lock.  They make it look pretty easy and when done correctly, that translates into peace of mind, which is what you’re looking for as a parent.

This commercial really spoke to the differentiating advantage of the product, which is identified through product and competitive marketing research and strategic product development.  Then it’s communicated through effective advertising.  This company got it right and I’m sure I’ll see the commercial again so the brand’s name will stick with me.  Although we’re phasing out of the use of car seats since my daughter has transitioned into a booster seat, the commercial still resonated with me due to recent history.

When you’re introducing a new product or repositioning an old one, make sure you identify the product’s differentiating advantage.  Then advertise the heck out of it.  Have you done that? Do you know what your product’s key selling proposition is?


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