Focus Fever

By March 1, 2012 No Comments

If you’ve read our blog recently, you’ve noticed that we Callis folks are passing a virus around the office. It seems we’ve all caught “focus fever” – an affliction of the mind. It goes something like this: identify three focuses for the upcoming year, and (like a nagging cold that just won’t let go) live with those words day in and day out for the remainder of the year.

As Callis’ Interactive Director, a large portion of my role is support: I work with account executives and our creative team to identify, create, implement, and track digital strategies that meet our clients’ needs and goals. So it is important to me that my focuses translate to client benefits.

The first word that I landed on was produce. After all, at the end of the day marketing is about driving results. Digital marketing in specific is by necessity more results oriented than any other marketing channel that comes to mind. That’s primarily because it’s so incredibly measurable. Whether I’m managing a Google AdWords pay-per-click program, helping to develop a company Facebook or Twitter strategy, or creating a new mobile website, our measurement of success is defined up front, and we’ll know whether or not it has been successful.

The second word is excel – be great! I think Cliff referred to it in his earlier post as being awesome. Whatever term you use, it’s about going beyond the ordinary and daring to do something that is extraordinary. That may be providing great creative, flawless execution, or outstanding return on investment. It’s a bit hard to define. But when you see something that excels, something that’s awesome – something that is truly extraordinary – you know it right away.

This brings me to accelerate – my final focus word. The Callis office is one busy place. At any time we’ll have a few hundred projects open.  On a personal level, that creates the need to be as efficient as possible as I move through tasks. But the word accelerate has significance to Internet marketing in general. Phrases like “first to market”, “move quick”, and “test small, roll out big” are thrown around with great frequency in web marketing circles. That’s because the Internet provides the capacity to change your competitive landscape overnight… literally. If you don’t do it, a competitor likely will. So speed is of the essence.

These three focus words for 2012 all point to one thing: deliver great results quickly. In a nutshell, that’s what Internet marketing is all about. So my goal is to nurture this virus that’s passing around our office, and use it to keep my eye on the prize – for myself, for Callis, and for our clients – throughout 2012 and beyond. Focus fever… catch it!