The Game of Strategy

By March 3, 2014 No Comments

It’s the second half of the game. Your team is on fire. You’ve scored more points in this game, than in any other game all season. Dribbling, passing, shooting, from teammate to teammate. Your strategy is working as you planned. The final buzzer sounds, your team 89, their team 41. You run to the sidelines to commend your teammates for a game well played.

To win that game, you had to depend on all of your players. If your team showed up to the game with less players than the opponent and without a strategy, there is no doubt that they would out-play you and win. Strategy is key.

RM Blog 3.5.13In the world of business, a marketing strategy is something every company needs to have in place. Your competition will be coming to the “game” prepared and with all of their players. You have to come prepared also, or you won’t leave there a winner. To win a client or customer, you must have successful marketing. And, successful marketing begins with a solid strategy based on knowledge and research. For an effective marketing strategy, you’ve got to understand your competitors and your customers. It is vital to know what motivates them and how you can get their attention. When you know your target audience, you then must figure out what makes your company unique. Why would a customer turn to you as opposed to your competition? Find out what you’ve got that makes you the best at what you do, and make that a part of your strategy. Make a promise and deliver on that promise. It’s also important to have all of your “players” involved for your strategy to work: print, television, online, social media, public relations and more, to develop an integrated program where everything works together to accomplish your goals. Now, create a plan of action and follow through. Each team member must be involved in working toward a common goal for your company.

When you have a successful marketing strategy in place, you know exactly where to direct your marketing efforts. The goal with strategy is simple: for your business to win (ensure your message is reaching your customer base).