Get in with the big hitters

If you wanted to be the biggest hitter in baseball, would you consult with your next door neighbor? Probably not. You would want to find the best in the business, and learn from them.

If you are fortunate enough to enter a room of ten successful men and women of your profession, lock the door and stay there with them until you become the eleventh successful person in your field.

Well…don’t really lock yourself in a room with people. But, if you want to move up in your field, look to the top. What do the most successful people do; what do they talk about or write about; what advice can you get from them. If it’s your boss who is super successful in your field, model his/her work behavior and attitude.

With the right information, some self-conditioning, and serious effort on your part, you too can become the eleventh successful person in the room. Dream big!

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