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Google Search vs Bad Mobile Optimization – Coming Soon to a Small Screen Near You

By April 16, 2015 No Comments

With mobile usage now topping desktop and laptop usage, Google is making an effort to improve mobile usability and experience by rewarding businesses that are mobile optimized/friendly.

Next week (on Tuesday April 21, 2015), Google will update its mobile search engine algorithm to boost the rankings of mobile optimized websites and decrease rankings for non-mobile optimized websites. This is already done to some extent, but the weight of the importance of a mobile-optimized site is being expanded.

What does this mean to you?

This will impact all mobile searches worldwide. If your site is already mobile optimized, then you’re good. But if your website has yet to adapt, your page ranking will drop and you could likely lose significant organic traffic.


Not sure whether your website is mobile optimized? Here is a simple guideline: Mobile optimized websites automatically resize to the screen of a smart phone, tablet or any other mobile device. Websites that are not mobile optimized are difficult to read and navigate on cell phones and often force users to scroll and zoom to read the text or click on links.

smart-phone-usageCompare the mobile and desktop versions of your website. Is there a difference between the two?  If there is no difference on your mobile device and your website looks shrunk, then your website isn’t mobile responsive. If there is a difference on your mobile device, and it’s easy to navigate through the website, then your website is likely mobile optimized and you are all set.


But ranking highly with Google is just one reason to optimize your site for mobile. Your customers are another reason: provide them with a functional, enjoyable experience when they visit your site on their phone.

So the takeaway here is to optimize for mobile. Your customers will thank you, and Google will reward you.

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