How Can I Help You?

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There are five words that are music to any person’s ears. The scenario may be that you’ve dropped a bag of groceries in the store parking lot, or it may be that you’ve walked into a store with no idea how to find what you’re looking for. The words that make a difference: “how can I help you?” These five words provide a quick answer for many and it’s never too early to instill in your children the value of the words and what they mean. Throughout your child’s life they will have so many opportunities to help someone else and when they do, that is a great way to help boost their self-esteem and get them prepared for any future career they may have. In any walk of life and in any occupation, a service is always being provided, and it is best to do it happily! Here are the best ways to teach your child the “how can I help you” way of thinking:

• Be a good role model. Show these qualities in your interactions with family, friends, and even strangers.

• Introduce your child to other adults who provide a service (in many different occupations.)

• Volunteer work is a great way to help someone who is in need, and when your child is old enough, bringing them along to help will show them that they too can always help someone.

• Use everyday experiences to provide examples or to “quiz” your children on what they can do to help another in a specific situation (such as hold the door open or help an elderly woman pick up something she has dropped.)

• Help your child find their interests and if you have a child who is on the reserved or shy side, show them that helping someone else often gets them “outside” of themselves and helps them to open up to others.

• Be on the lookout for people who need help and encourage your kids to reach out to them with your guidance.

When this valuable way of thinking is taught to your children, coupled with teaching them the value of money and how it is earned, this can lead to an adult who is doing what they love for a living, and making great money doing it. When children learn this at a young age, they become an adult who is always willing to provide a helpful service and to make a difference.

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