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How Friendly is Your Website?

By March 15, 2012 No Comments

Quick quiz:  Are there more toothbrushes or cell phones in the world today?  Pretty simple, right?  (Wrong.  Cell phones win.)

The rapid advance of smart phones, cellular bandwidth, and growth in number of users is changing the world as we speak.  Today, more phones and tablets are sold than desktop and notebook PCs.  We’re in the post-PC era.  The change isn’t coming – it’s here… and it’s not done yet.

The statistics for mobile phones in the USA are impressive:

  • 66% of Americans age 25-34 own a smartphone (source: Nielsen, 2012)
  • smartphones have outsold PCs since the 4th Quarter of 2010 (Source: IDC)
  • 101 million smartphone users as of Jan, 2012 (up 13% from Oct, 2011) (source: comScore)
  • More than 234 million Americans own cell phones (including feature phones) (source: comScore)

… and some of our Callis & Associates clients are generating nearly 20% of their web traffic from mobile devices.  In short, it’s a new mobile world.

The opportunities are impressive, but there are challenges as well.  The first challenge is to reformat your website message for the shapes and sizes of these new mobile screens.  What does your website look like on a smartphone?  If you haven’t done this, you really should.  What you see might shock you.   If the text is too small to read, buttons and text are hard to select, you have to go side to side, or there are broken elements, now is the time to start developing your optimized, user-friendly mobile website!