Industry Report: SHOT Show 2016

By January 20, 2016 No Comments

After walking a portion of the 17 miles of aisles of manufacturers’ booths the first day of the 2016 SHOT Show and visiting with many manufacturers, there is no doubt that the industry is strong. Many companies’ current challenge is supplying enough product to meet demand–a good challenge to be faced with.

Several things are contributing to the strong state of the industry right now. First and foremost, the political climate. Other driving factors include the growing demographic of those interested in buying firearms and firearm related products. Part of this stems from an increased awareness of the need for personal and home protection. New audiences are purchasing guns and educating themselves on how to use them.

Another driving factor that can easily be overlooked with the mainstream media’s focus on the political scene is product and technology innovation. There are thousands of innovative new products covering the show room floor here at SHOT. Most filling a void or a need, delivering buyers and consumers what they need to do their jobs, protect their families or enjoy a hobby they love. is an innovative site that is by no means new, but has had a very positive effect on the industry. An online platform for buying and selling guns, streamlines the process of purchasing and gives consumers access to unique firearms they may have otherwise not come across or had an opportunity to buy. It allows dealers to reach new customers all around the country to sell their product.

This has had positive effects on the industry in a few ways. First, the dealers using this platform are selling more guns, giving them more cash flow to purchase new products from manufacturers. Second, the accessories market closely follows gun sales. With more guns being purchased and sold, more accessories, ammunition, and components are being sold. Third, consumers have access to purchase guns they may had otherwise not had the opportunity to do so. 

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