Innovation and Ingenuity at iScope: From the Frontline of SHOT Show 2016

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One of our favorite things about SHOT is meeting new people and learning the stories behind how they got to where they are today. Johnny Morris, Founder and CEO of Bass Pro Shops started selling fishing lures out of his father’s liquor store. We all know how well he has done and where his company is today. It is an amazing story. The floors of SHOT Show are lined with businesses of all sizes that share a unique but similar intriguing story.

Rob Russell, the Founder and President of iScope, a company based out of Sikeston, Missouri, that makes smartphone scope adapters that allow you to attach your smartphone directly to the eye piece of your scope for an enlarged, clearer image, has a similar interesting story.

Rob was sitting in a stand deer hunting one day. He wasn’t seeing any activity and was looking at his phone to pass the time. A deer finally emerged from the woods and Rob had his phone in one hand and rifle in the other. Hurryingly trying to get situated to be able to take a shot, Rob hit the camera button on his phone as he aligned his rifle with the deer. He saw the deer through his phone camera for a brief second and the idea for iScope was born.

Rob went home and started tinkering around with his idea and within a few months had developed his first prototype on one of his son’s nerf guns. A few years later, he’s here at SHOT Show in Las Vegas with a full line of products, selling them around the world, and endorsed by a guy we all know and love, Jeff Foxworthy.

Everybody has a story. How are you telling yours?

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