Propane: Resilient & Clean Energy

OUTdrive Episode 91 with Joe Calhoun

OUTdrive Episode 91 with Joe Calhoun

Alternative energy solutions are a major point of discussion these days. One solution that is often overlooked is propane. Propane is being used across all industries to meet the need for a resilient, cleaner, greener energy solution, and the need for remote power where it isn’t readily available. In this episode of OUTdrive, I’m joined by Joe Calhoun, the Director of Business Development for the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC), to discuss all the ways propane is powering rural America and beyond.

Joe is the Director of Business Development for the Propane Education and Research Council. He leads PERC initiatives to grow propane demand by working directly with partners across multiple industries. Joe is responsible for business development, product development, and market development activities, which include outreach, communications, education, research, product development, technical integrations, and product commercialization.

Before assuming his position at PERC, Calhoun worked for RegO Products as business development manager for the propane and industrial gas markets. He also served as the national business development manager for Robinson Pipe and Vessel in De Pere, Wisconsin, the business development manager at TransTech Energy in North Carolina, as a regional sales manager for Ray Murray, director of corporate business development with Paraco Gas, and customer service and logistics manager at American Welding and Tank.

Propane fuels multiple industries, whether it’s grain drying, irrigation systems, transportation or combined heat and power. Tune in to hear about the innovation of propane and how it could benefit your business.


  • 3:05 – Joe shares a little about his background growing up, his connection to rural America, and his journey to the propane industry
  • 4:15 – Joe talks about the role of business development throughout his career
  • 5:10 – Joe talks about the climate of trade shows recently and the idea of quality over quantity when it comes to attendance
  • 6:10 – Joe shares the marketing tools PERC uses to share the message of propane and how it can be utilized
  • 7:45 – Cliff and Joe discuss the innovation of propane and its primary uses in agriculture, home building, and in response to natural disasters and severe weather across the country
  • 12:00 – Joe shares the goals and objectives of PERC and the environmental focus of their message
  • 14:15 – Joe talks about the NC-TEC facility and other new programs PERC is using to train people in the industry
  • 18:00 – Joe shares what he believes it takes to be successful in business development
  • 19:45 – Cliff and Joe discuss living and working in rural America
  • 22:15 – Joe talks about his work from home experience and offers advice to others who are trying to manage it
  • 25:30 – Cliff and Joe discuss the impact of the pandemic on propane equipment and supply