Why Should You Market to Rural America?

woman in car in rural America

Rural America is more than just a place. It’s a mindset and a way of life and it’s different than any other place in the world. In spite of some misconceptions, rural America is not defined by endless rows of corn, bean and wheat fields and dead-end roads. It is defined by the people. People who live, work, and serve in and around rural communities. People who build homes, run businesses, educate children, grow food, and protect our nation. But they do so much more than that. These people make up the backbone of our country, and they are an important sector of our Nation’s economy. 

There are a lot of stereotypes that surround people who live in rural America, and not all of them are positive, and not all of them are true. However, there are some positive generalizations that hold a little more water and have the potential to translate to good business for you.

5 Reasons to Consider Marketing to Rural America

Rural America is a Large Audience

If you are a business owner, company executive, or directing the marketing for a brand, rural America should be an audience on your radar. According to the U.S. census bureau, over 60 million Americans live in rural areas.¹ That’s about ⅕ of the total U.S. population.

Rural America is Growing

According to the USDA, the population of rural America is growing. More people are choosing to detach from larger metropolitan areas and enjoy the rural American way of life. From 2016 to 2017, rural counties added population for the first time this decade. There are now more jobs available in rural areas, contributing to declining rural unemployment and rising incomes.²

The People of Rural America Have Disposable Income

One benefit people residing in rural America enjoy is a lower cost of living compared to living in a large city. As a result and in many cases, customers in rural America have some level of disposable income. They enjoy their hobbies, and they are able to purchase products and services to support them.

Rural America is Loyal

There is no audience more loyal than the rural American audience. If you treat customers with honesty and respect, they are likely to be customers for a very long time. Brands should have well-defined core values, and live by them. And if they do, customers and prospective customers will take note. Customer loyalty programs can go a long way with the rural American audience. In many cases, customers will return to your business as long as they are satisfied with your product and customer service.

Family Values are Important to the People of Rural America

Rural Americans place a great deal of importance on upholding family values. This is good news for family-owned businesses, but other businesses can benefit from this as well. Putting a personal touch on customer service can go a long way in making an impression and creating meaningful connections with this audience. These relationships can turn into long and fruitful customer life cycles.

Each day, rural America is growing and changing. In the heartland, new products are developed, innovations are made, and inventors are born. Rural Americans are revolutionizing how we power our homes and cars, how we grow our Nation’s food, and how we live. Could your product or service help them?

Here at Callis, we know rural America, because we are rural America. Our employees know the rural lifestyle because we have lived it and are in it every day. We bring our life and business experiences to the table to help brands reach this important audience. We are proud of our roots, and we are ready to help you plant yours in rural America today.

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