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Is Your Web Site Static or Dynamic?

By June 17, 2009 No Comments

Over the past few weeks, our interactive team here at Callis has been developing and now presenting our perspective on the maximization of new media for a business.  The core of our message centers on the contrast between static and dynamic.  No we’re not talking about electricity or Tony Robbins.  We’re talking about a company’s web presence.

In circa 1999, or web 1.0, a company developed a web site, optimized it (maybe) for search engine performance by filling it with metatags, and then sat back completely satisfied.  Today, that approach just won’t work anymore.  Search engines have evolved dramatically over the past ten years and they now search for fresh content.  Plus, there’s far more to moving up Google than inserting key words, although you still need to do this too.

Our approach is to develop a dynamic web presence, not just a web site, that incorporates elements that help keep the content fresh and the search performance high.  Blogging, video, regular copy edits, social media and other techniques are now used to help build a company’s presence on the internet.

I admit it’s a challenge to keep a presence fresh and it takes resources to make it happen.  But, it can pay off.

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