It’s the age-old question: “If a tree falls in the forest, but there’s no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?” If you’ve just begun blogging, you might feel a bit like that tree, and wonder if anyone is going to listen. After all, unless your website already has significant daily traffic, it’s doubtful that your early blog posts will receive much attention initially.

If Google Analytics isn’t showing stellar numbers and you aren’t receiving feedback, don’t pack it in. Only as you develop a base of content can you become a thought leader, or have an interesting blog in general. Like almost anything in life, blogging takes time, planning, practice, and dedication. It takes time to build a following. Remember your reason for beginning your blog in the first place, and recognize from the outset that results come over time, not instantaneously.

While you continue to post to your blog regularly, though, stay mindful of other factors important to your blog’s success:

• How will you get word of your blog out to your customers, prospects, and the world?    Integrating the various aspects of your marketing is important. When you blog, are you referring to it via other social media?

• What is your website’s SEO like? Does it speak to search engines in a way that will help you to gain high rankings with good content, or does it cripple your good intentions?

• Does your content speak to the needs and interests of your target market? Will it bring in the right traffic?

• Is your blog content consistently valuable? When you understand your audience and their needs, it’s easy to provide information that they’ll find useful. Remember: as you pick topics, don’t stuff your blog with things that you want your audience to know (your “pitch”). Instead, put yourself in their shoes, think about what they will want to know, and write about it. Do it the right way, and you’ll become a valuable resource to your readers. Do it the wrong way, and you’re just another blogging pitchman.

The rewards of a successful blogging strategy don’t come particularly quick or easy. Remind yourself of that when you’re tempted to give up early on your website’s blog. There are plenty of points (such as those above) to consider and possibly tweak to keep your blog on track. But when it comes to the writing, be patient. If you abandon your blog after a couple of posts because you’re not immediately feeling the love, it’s doomed to fail. Stick with it, and keep producing quality content with frequency. Eventually, there’ll be a crowd around to hear those falling trees.

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