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Keeping Up With Digital Marketing

By August 19, 2015 No Comments

Like all things digital, marketing is constantly evolving and keeping up with emerging technologies is more than a full time job. Recently, members of the Callis team, Chris Young, Megan Hartman and Linda Harris, blew into the windy city to join 30 digital marketing experts from 12 agencies around the U.S. to talk digital.

The one-day, information packed event in Chicago was hosted by Drew McClellan, president of the Agency Management Institute, a management consulting business that specializes in helping marketing communication agencies stay on top of marketing trends and best practices.

This meeting was developed so that digital thought leaders could spend time sharing and learning from one another in a collaborative setting, then bring back new ideas to share with their agencies and clients.

It was a day filled with valuable information about marketing’s hottest techniques, including automation, online presence management, tools and reporting that will prove very useful for our marketing team. Many best practices and tactics were discussed, but the one key takeaway we’d like to share revolves around strategy, because at Callis, we believe results-driven marketing starts with an effective strategy.

The key takeaway we’d like to share is this: clients who provide their agencies with accurate information about their sales process win. For instance, knowing a typical sales cycle and the value of a lead is pivotal to applying relevance to the marketing data we mine for our clients. As an agency, our role is to discuss with our clients what information is important to them and how they’d like to receive it. Then, we can explain what data we’ll need to mine in order to deliver what they want when they need it. This collaborative effort between agency and clients is the most effective method to deliver results.

If you’re not certain where to start, Callis can help you do the research, define your goals and determine what metrics matter most when tracking the results.

We’re excited to put new tools and methods to use for our clients and appreciate the opportunity to share our digital marketing knowledge with other marketing agencies around the U.S. We’ll continue to collaborate with this group to keep learning and growing.

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