Be a King

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Be a King.  Drive an Escalade.

In their latest TV commercial for their top of the line SUV, the Escalade, Cadillac makes a bold statement through their use of associative imagery.  If you want to be king of your world, you should drive an Escalade.  It’s that simple.

I’m really not being facetious here.  Cadillac actually does a very nice job of promoting Luxury as the differentiating feature between their big SUV and the others on the market.  Not that the others aren’t luxurious.  They’re just not communicating that message in the same, opulent way as Cadillac.

Cadillac has in recent times done a nice job of understanding its market and developing advertising that speaks to that audience, while positioning or repositioning its brand.  Think Aerosmith music, fast moving, hard driving Cadillac sedans and baby boomers.  Yes, we get it.

Be a King

But in this latest commercial which I saw a couple of months ago and saw again over the weekend, Cadillac associates driving an Escalade with enjoying the throws of being king; being carried by servants past the Taj Mahal in a jeweled carriage and riding through the throngs in a gown made of gold on a massive elephant.  In other words, they are positioning the Escalade as a vehicle fit for a king (or a queen).  And we all know (actually assume) that kings love luxury.  Who doesn’t?

In the super-competitive world of automobile advertising, it’s challenging to differentiate one brand or one make and model from all the others, but Cadillac has clearly done it here.  This ad will not connect with everyone.  In fact, some may have a very hard time with it.  But if you’re looking for an SUV with the ultimate in Luxury, you may want to try an Escalade.

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