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LinkedIn Company Page Updates (Jan 2014)

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All social media outlets have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. LinkedIn, the top professional networking site, provides company pages. These are great tools – particularly for B2B company connections and recruitment purposes.

Maintaining a LinkedIn business presence has its challenges. LinkedIn was initially designed around people, not companies. As a result, the tools to manage a company’s presence can leave social media managers wishing for something better.

Fortunately, LinkedIn is addressing these issues one by one. In fact, just this week, LinkedIn announced several upgrades to LinkedIn company pages:

Choose custom images to accompany your business updates. These enhance the look of updates and better tell your corporate story.

“Like” and “comment” as the company. Previously, these actions were restricted only to individual users. Extending this ability to companies will allow them to take advantage of a more dynamic LinkedIn presence. Use this to give page followers a better insight into the heart behind the company page.

See an at-a-glance feed of the companies you follow. Keep track of your customers, prospects suppliers and peers at this one-stop shop. This should simplify monitoring for your social media manager.

Showcase pages. Let’s face it: most companies do more than one thing, with multiple brands, business units, or initiatives. These companies will find great benefit from the new showcase pages.  The pages provide each unit with a home for their own story, but maintain a connection to the parent company page.

We see these updates as a further sign of LinkedIn’s commitment to business – particularly in the B2B world. They represent significant improvements. We encourage you visit LinkedIn’s “What’s New” page to learn more and consider how to best incorporate them into your organization’s LinkedIn strategy.

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