Look the Part

By December 14, 2015 No Comments

Hunters know that you need to choose the right camo when hunting. You have to know your surroundings and choose a pattern that will conceal you from your prey. In other words, you have to “look the part” to be successful.

Good marketers know you need to take a similar approach in marketing. You have to know your target market and the competitive landscape in order to “look the part” so that your brand attracts the right customers and sets you apart from your competition.

Recently, Callis underwent a rebranding process. It was a strategy employed to help move our marketing forward in the ever-competitive landscape where we “hunt” for prospects and new clients. Over the years, Callis has evolved from a traditional marketing agency serving a diverse client mix to an integrated agency specializing in outdoor sports and agriculture and we needed our brand to reflect that change to better appeal to our target market.

After much research and review of our brand platform, we took one of the angles from our existing logo, created an abstraction of the mark, changed the colors to green and gunmetal to reflect our love for the outdoors and applied it to our current logo text. The result is a modern look that implies forward motion that will move our marketing efforts forward.

Does your brand “look the part?” Perhaps it’s time to review your target markets and evaluate your position in the field you hunt?