Market Planning for 2011

By July 15, 2010 No Comments

Many forward-thinking organizations have already started their market planning for 2011. In fact, some are nearly complete and into the budgeting phase. So if you haven’t begun yet, this may be a good time to start.

Here’s a few ideas to help you frame your planning process.

  • Are you doing or have you recently done a situational analysis to help you identify where you are, what’s changed, and what’s new? If you haven’t gone through the process in the past 12 months, you might want to do that. It can establish a baseline from which you can spring forward.
  • Are you taking a hard look at how you’re spending your marketing budget…and what’s working? There are more tools available than ever before to help you evaluate where you’re getting results.
  • Will you take a strategic approach this year? That means defining your objectives, identifying the strategies you’re going to implement and then detailing specifically how you’re going to get it done (execution of your plan).
  • Are you considering every possible avenue to promote your business, products and services? Everything works. It’s just a matter of deciding what works best for you.
  • Are you trying anything new this year? Have you included an online marketing component and do you have a strategy for what you’re trying to accomplish? Companies are getting tremendous response to online activities. Make sure you include this in your budget.
  • Are you at least maintaining your marketing budget? This is not the time to cut back. We’re not out of the woods yet from an economic perspective so make sure you keep investing to keep customers and attract new ones.

If you would like some help this year getting your plan put together and really making it hum (versus ho hum), we would like to visit with you. Our marketing specialists utilize a proven process called Discovery, which can help you see where you are from an outside view and identify strategic marketing initiatives that can help you get where you want to go. For more information on Discovery, visit our web site at

What kind of year are you planning for 2011?