Marketing Madness

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Okay. Marketing isn’t madness but with March Madness fast approaching, I thought it might be a catchy headline to grab attention. How did it work?

Marketing is actually a logical, fact-based, strategic approach to getting a message out to targeted audiences in a repetitive, creative, effective way. And, in some ways, it is like a basketball team preparing to win a ballgame.
All great basketball coaches have a game plan. They look at the competition, assess their strengths and weaknesses versus that team, and develop strategies that when effectively executed, increase their likelihood of victory. So, it actually is a lot like marketing.

Every business needs a game plan for identifying and attracting new customers and sales. Competition is working to get the ball. They, like you have strengths and weaknesses and you should count on them to develop strategies to beat you. You’ve got to understand what you’re up against. You have to know how you can put points on the board. You have to execute and score. And you have to posture yourself defensively to keep your competitors away from the basket.
Marketing Madness Game Plan
College basketball teams have been preparing for March Madness for months. Some won’t even get in the game. Others will drop out quickly. With a well-thought out plan for each game, a coach increases his chance to stay in the tournament, and win the championship.

For your business, March Madness comes every day. Do your homework. Lay out a plan and work the plan. You might just end up cutting down the nets. Are you ready for the game?

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