Does your marketing need a makeover?

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Let’s be honest, ladies, we all love a good makeover. Whether it is on TV or on one of our friends, a great makeover makes you feel amazing. Men, this applies to you also. Business is all about keeping your customer’s attention. Sometimes your company needs to take what they already have and revamp it for a fresh approach.

Here are six ways to tell if your marketing message and materials could use a makeover:

1. Your style is inconsistent. All of your pieces look good individually, but nothing really goes together. Your brand should be so consistent that it is clear, recognizable, and delivers on your promises to your customers. All of your marketing materials should portray your same message.

2. What you think of yourself does not match what your customer thinks of you. Sometimes, you have to look at your materials from an outsider’s perspective. It’s crucial to look at your message and materials from the eyes of your target audience. You will gain the best perspective this way. The truth is you may think you look good, but if your customer doesn’t, then what is the point?

3. Your competition is looking great, while you are only looking so-so. If this is the case, you need to completely rethink how you are putting yourself (your company) “out there.” Do your marketing materials and your message make sense together and do they make you look good? Do they make you look how you would like for people to see you?

4. You’re a little lackluster. You need to stand out from the crowd. If you are simply blending in, your customer won’t be able to find you. Make sure your message is YOU. Your message needs to convey your brand and your promise. You may even need to rethink your brand and think about doing a rebranding for your company, if it does not have the pizazz that it once did for the company.

5. Customers pass you by. They do see you, but you aren’t holding their attention. They may check out your website or glance over your materials, but you just couldn’t keep them there long enough to make them a customer. Make sure that you are clear and concise enough to grab their attention and close the sale.

6. Your look is wishy-washy. From year to year you are changing how you look, and you cannot find that one good look that can carry you through and help you accomplish your goals. When you do find something that fits and looks good on your company, keep it around for a while. I still suggest looking at yourself in the “mirror” often enough to know what you look like to your customers, but if you know your materials and message are looking good and your goals are being met from year to year, it is okay to keep using the same style.

The New Year is quickly approaching and that is a great time to consider a marketing makeover! How does your company look?

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