Marketing Plans: Discovery and Research Provide a Strong Start

By February 9, 2016 No Comments

When planning a camping trip, I make sure I do my research beforehand. I plan the route, locate the best camping areas and always check the weather forecast. Once I know the basics I can start the packing list and make sure all the essentials are covered. When creating a marketing plan, the same approach should be taken. It’s best to do the research first.

Research starts with asking pointed questions and answering them fully. Having a fact-finding, or “Discovery” session is often the best way to do this. In this session, key team members answer questions that help identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the company and evaluate the company brand and its position in the market place.

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In some cases, the Discovery provides all the information needed to move forward developing a strategic marketing plan. In other cases, further and more specialized research may be required. For instance, an attitudinal audience segmentation research project can help you determine what motivates your consumers to make purchases, divides them into groups based on their buying behaviors, and builds personas for these groups of customers so you know the best and most relevant messages to deliver to that particular audience via the most effective mediums. Either way, the Discovery provides an important baseline for moving your marketing efforts forward.

Every company is different, much like every trip. For every plan, there are some basic supplies that you include. Through the Discovery and research, you can identify unique and relevant tactics to incorporate into your marketing plan to reach new and existing customers and inspire them to take action. A strategic and on-point marketing plan will grow your brand’s relevance and increase your bottom line.

Often times, it is good to have an objective third party included to provide an outside perspective and eliminate bias. If you are interested in using us as your trail guide through the process, give us a call.