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Meet Them Where They Are

By September 11, 2009 No Comments

A friend (and Facebook user of sorts) posed an interesting question the other day. I say of sorts because, while she has a Facebook account, it’s not really the thing for her. Who knows when she last actually visited Facebook. Anyway, she said, “Friends post things on my wall, and then Facebook emails me to tell me what they wrote. I don’t get it. Why don’t they just email me in the first place instead of going to Facebook?”

My answer to her: her friends aren’t going to Facebook, as she’d envisioned: they’re already there. In fact, it would have been a hassle for them to go to email. How things have changed in just the past year.

Clearly, Facebook isn’t for everyone. Some Facebook users, like my friend, are on the periphery, or even actively resistant to the concept of online social networking. But a look at how Facebook is used today shows that in general, this is changing how we communicate as a society. We want to publicly and privately exchange information (message, pictures, videos, links) with our friends and associates, but we don t want to juggle multiple websites or applications. We want simplicity. And Facebook fills that need.

If you’ve resisted Facebook, friends or colleagues have no doubt encouraged you to join. The reason is simple: they re just expressing that this is now their primary method of online communication. Getting you on board will make their life simpler and better, and and ensure that you aren’t left out of their circle.

The moral in all of this is that we may not all be into social networking, but we can’t discount marketing opportunities just because they wouldn’t work to market to us personally. Those in your target market are probably spending a lot of time there today, and there are many ways for your company to be involved. So meet them where they are.