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Now is a Great Time to Get Started with Behavioral Targeted Programmatic Digital Media

By May 19, 2016 No Comments

At one point or another over the last year, you’ve probably heard the term “Programmatic Media”. Programmatic media uses sophisticated media software to negotiate and buy ads. Real Time Bidding (RTB), a type of programmatic advertising, is a new way to purchase digital media on an ad-by-ad basis.

With behavioral targeted programmatic digital media, you can buy ads for a specific situation: for a particular customer with particular buying habits. For instance, you can serve ads (desktop and in-App ads on mobile devices) to potential customers who have a specified minimum income level and have purchased products related to hunting, fishing, the outdoors, etc., on any site they may be visiting.

Behavioral targeted programmatic digital media is new, it’s cool, and it’s sexy. But more importantly, it is delivering great results. It delivers great results because you can serve ads to super-targeted prospects, resulting in higher click throughs, higher conversions and incremental sales. We’ve put together this list of 5 reasons why now is a great time to get started with behavioral targeted programmatic digital media.

  1. You can target more accurately now than ever before with programmatic digital media

We call it super-targeting. Call it anything you want. It is the ability to use data collected everyday through online activities to determine the best prospective customers to deliver programmatic impressions to. Through this super-targeting, you’re able to send ads to prospective customers who have displayed purchasing behaviors related to a certain product or category of products, with a certain income level, in certain geographical areas.

With traditional digital banner ads, you target websites where the likelihood that someone visiting that site would be interested in your product. With behavioral targeted programmatic digital media, you are instead targeting people. You are targeting the people that visit that site that are interested in your product or service. We know that because they have purchased products just like yours or similar products in your category.

  1. Optimizing programmatic digital media delivers great results—fast

Super-targeting can be taken a step further through campaign optimization. Programmatic digital media campaigns can be optimized on the go in real time to continually improve the campaign’s effectiveness and results.

Optimizations such as increasing bids for the best performing supply vendors and eliminating poor performing vendors, bidding up on the ad formats receiving the most clicks to improve reach and lower CPC, and bidding up on the platforms and device types that are receiving the best results allow you to maximize your investment in programmatic digital media and continue to build upon the success of the campaign.

  1. Take advantage of key selling seasons in Q3 and Q4

For those of us marketing in the outdoor, agriculture and Midwest markets, the third and fourth quarters of the year have proven to be key selling seasons. Several things contribute to this including fall hunting seasons, harvest season, and the holidays.

Now is a great time to get started with behavioral targeted programmatic digital media to take advantage of these key selling months. Tracking code can be placed on your website now that will provide valuable information for optimizing your campaign in these key months. Starting now also allows adequate time to develop strategy, a media plan and creative for your campaign. Starting now will allow you to be rocking and rolling right from the start of these important selling months.

  1. Programmatic digital media isn’t going anywhere

Programmatic digital media is here to stay. In fact, at some point in the not-so-distant future it could become the only way to buy digital media. Start getting with behavioral targeted programmatic digital media now will put you and your company ahead of the curve, position you now and in the future and give you a leg up on your competition.

  1. You can track every dollar invested in programmatic digital media back to ROI

Like most digital marketing efforts, one of the greatest things about behavioral targeted programmatic digital media is you can track the results all the way through to the sale. You can see exactly how your campaign performed in terms of sales and revenue, proving the return on your investment.

Other key metrics and key performance indicators can be tracked as well. These include time on site, pages viewed, bounce rate, email sign up, customer form sign up, and many others. Real Time Bidding allows you to constantly monitor and optimize your campaign, continuing to improve your results, maximizing your marketing dollars, and increasing your ROI.

Now is great time to get started with behavioral targeted programmatic digital media. You can target more accurately than ever, optimize your campaign in real time, and track and report on the results of every dollar spent. If you would like to get started today, contact Cliff Callis at 660-826-2822.