Old Customers Can Be a New Target Market

By October 4, 2012 No Comments

Our firm is celebrating our twenty-fifth anniversary this year, and planning for this celebration has caused us to reflect on our early days and our early clients.  During these twenty-five years, we have served hundreds of clients and many of them are still very active.   There are certainly many reasons why some clients are no longer requiring our services, and in some cases there is no future potential.  But in our office, past customers that are still viable prospects aren’t just a memory; they are in fact a target market.  How can you stay engaged with a company where you may have had a very intimate relationship, but have since drifted apart?  As in any relationship, it’s many times about communication.  What communication pipelines do you have in place that can remain open when a customer becomes inactive?  A few may be:

  • Monthly newsletter or e-letter
  • Direct Mail
  • LinkedIn messaging
  • Facebook posts
  • Blogs
  • Email

As you maintain consistent contact through these methods of contact, don’t forget the old fashion telephone call or personal visit.  There is no better way to reactivate a business relationship than sitting over a cup of coffee and talking.  Remember, these past customers said yes to you once, and they may be one of the most likely target market to say yes again.  Stay in touch and don’t wait for an anniversary to think of your past customers and the new potential business they represent.