Featured Work | 2022 Missouri State Fair Theme

2022 Missouri State Fair Theme

Callis is proud to have worked with our client the Missouri State Fair for nearly 25 years and each year brings a new theme. For the past several years, the fair theme has been steeped in Missouri tradition and heritage, calling visitors to return to their roots with versions of the “Come Home” slogan. After celebrating “Our Missouri Celebration,” tied to the state’s bicentennial in 2021, the fair was looking for a theme that would add some fun and flair, while keeping nods to the agriculture expo origins. In 2022, the Missouri State Fair has Buckets of Fun in store for all attendees.

This year’s theme highlights the different aspects of the fair in a playful, yet cohesive, way. Visitors, vendors and exhibitors alike are all represented in a red feed bucket. Bright colors and lovable animals unify the logo with the Missouri State Fair brand and come together in a design that promotes family-friendly entertainment. From livestock to agriculture, to food and shows, there are Buckets of Fun to be had all in one place – at the Missouri State Fair.

“Our Missouri Celebration,” earned several honors at the recent 2021 International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE) Convention. The Missouri State Fair earned first-place accolades for programs in sponsorship, competitive exhibits, agriculture education, and communications. The fair also took home second place for Best Marketing Campaign. The Missouri State Fair is judged alongside other IAFE members of similar size, ranging in attendance from 250,000 to 500,000.