Inspiring Us All | Sarah Arnett

Sarah Arnett

At Callis, we have a dynamic team of experienced, professional and tech-savvy marketers who are committed to help our clients grow their rural American brands and businesses.  From time to time though, one of our associates really steps up to go above and beyond our already high level of performance expectations.

Currently, we are integrating a new information technology system into our operations. We’ve used our previous system, which we customized ourselves, for over 30 years, so this is a really big deal. In fact, nearly all of the internal processes we’ve used over the years are changing to be more streamlined and efficient.

Over the past few months, we’ve been methodically integrating each new process into our work, building a new system that works uniquely for us. It’s been a challenge as our business has continued to grow over this time, new people have come aboard and the time demands of the change have also increased. We couldn’t quite get over the hump to cut the cord on the old system and finish the integration. Quite simply, we needed a champion to get us across the finish line, and someone stepped to the plate.

Sarah Arnett is one of those tech-savvy marketers I mentioned earlier. Sarah is a Digital Strategist, but she does far more than that. When she understood the need, she raised her hand and became our champion, and is now moving us toward an end-of-the-year conversion. Thank you! to this super-talented young lady for going above and beyond and inspiring the entire team with her commitment to do more than what is asked of her for the agency and our clients.

As a result, Sarah is our most recent recipient of our Inspiration Award.  She is an inspiration to us all!