Cliff Callis Talks Niche Marketing on Onward Nation Podcast

Woesner Callis Podcast OUTthink

Tune in to the Onward Nation podcast where Cliff Callis and Stephen Woessner dive into the topic of niche marketing. Stephen Woessner, Onward Nation host with Predictive ROI, has a top-rated podcast sharing the views of successful business owners who think, act, and achieve. 

In this podcast episode, you’ll learn more about the concept of niche marketing, how we at Callis uncovered our niche of Marketing to rural America and how you can use principles of niche marketing to grow your business. 

Podcast Highlights: 

  • The story of Callis, how the agency was founded in 1987 and how it has developed over the years into what it is today. 
  • How and why the Callis team made the strategic decision to niche down and focus on marketing to rural America.
  • Ways niche marketing has brought new, unexpected business to Callis.
  • Why Cliff believes that listening and people skills are vital components of the agency’s success, and why being able to communicate with a diverse audience is important.
  • Cliff also shares the story of an important lesson he learned from a mentor in his career and why he feels passionate about his role as a mentor to the Callis team.

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